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  1. Thank you for posting your blog address and here I am now. It is quite wonderful and I bookmarked it because I intend to read in completely given time. I got interested in you because of the scenic rug you posted and I noticed the dye work you did for background and asked about it. I read about that technique in RH magazine. I too find Gene Shepherd wonderful and am a member of his internet rug camp. I have been at tthis rug hooking now for 4 years, and yet I think I only have about 5-6 rugs done. I feel slow, but it is a wonderful learning experience and satisfies me in many ways. I expecially enjoyed today reading about your hook progression. I have a bent hook from Gene too, and do not know the size but it looks like yours at 6mm. I find it great for the larger cuts, but I would like to get a bent handle for the smaller cuts but don’t know what size to order or where. I do seem to prefer the smaller cuts of 3-4 but have not tried a 2 or a 5 yet becasue I do not have the blades. I find that a lot of my wool doesn’t cut well on a 3. I like the smaller cuts because I am into realistic aniamals and can get better detail that way.That’s enough blabber for now.Thank you,Barbara

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