A Very Old Pattern


They say ignorance is bliss….and I’ve experienced lots of it while hooking. Particularly with the third rug I started to hook. While I had no hooking friends at this time, I happily shared my efforts with many I knew. My good friend Kerry Koenig was one of these, and she found packed away, a pattern on old burlap. She thought it must have belonged to her mother, although her mother hadn’t been a ‘crafty’ person. It’s true origin remains a mystery. Perhaps someone reading this will recognize the design and shed some light on where it came from, its name or age. The pattern was coloured (painted?) on the burlap.  In any case, she showed it to me and asked if I would like it. Of course I would!

I knew nothing about colour values at that time, and blithely chose medium tones of green, blue, and a medium grey background. Of course the blue and green don’t show up well against the gray. Another lesson learned. Most people would never hook a rug on very old burlap, but in this case my ignorance didn’t bite me (at least not yet). The rug has been on the floor for a number of years and appears hale and healthy.

It too however, had a long shelf life! I ran out of the red for the border, so it was relegated to the closet for about 10 years. When I finally started hooking for ‘real’, about 2005, Sheilagh Klugescheid matched the red for me, and it ended up being one of the first rugs I finished completely.

I’ll tell how I finally became a committed, dedicated rug hooker next post.

ps Kerry passed away of breast cancer several years ago, and I miss her still.

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