My Second Rug

 I think my timeline was a little garbled in the last post ( I’m not good with remembering dates), so I’ll start by trying to clarify that. I actually took up rug hooking three times. The first time was in the late 1970’s….inspired by my father’s gift. The second time was about 13 years later, inspired by Jeanne Field and the rugs on display at Creative Stitchery. None of the rugs began at those times were completed until my third incarnation as a hooker, about 5 years ago.  


This post is about my second rug…that is… the one I started second. (edges are still not whipped).

I returned from Creative Stitchery all excited about rug hooking, and anxious to get started. I took several lessons from Helen Wells, a teacher in town, and heard about an active rug hooking group here…but unfortunately they met during the day. I was a school teacher by then, and couldn’t attend the meetings, so I was on my own. Never one to do things on a small scale, I chose this pattern from the Rittermere catalogue. It is called Peony and is 40″ x 60″ . With lots of advice on the phone from Jeanne Field, I ordered the pattern, the wool and a bliss cutter with #3 and #4 cutter heads and got to work. I had intended to use this as a wall hanging in my stairwell, so was disappointed to discover when the pattern arrived, that the flowers didn’t cover the entire rug, and it wasn’t particularly suitable to hang.

The rug came with details for the fine shading, and I loved doing the flowers and stems. I now know not to leave the entire background until the end, and that is my excuse for the sad fate that befell it. That large background is a #4 cut, and a large, boring job. I took it camping in the summer, and never bothered to take it out of the trailer when we returned home. It spent the winter in the bathtub, under a skylight. Much later (during my third incarnation as a rug hooker) after finally finishing the background,  I discovered that the original pale blue was discoloured. I assume it was that winter under the skylight that did it. It is clearly visible in the picture. 

It’s been suggested to me to pull out several inches either side of the demarcation line, mix the wools and rehook it to blur the transition. If anyone else has a suggestion, I’d love to hear it.



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