Dale’s rug


June Baker gave me this pattern, and it is the first rug that I didn’t go and buy wool for. By now I had accumulated a small stash, and was enjoying dyeing wool, so I bought some natural Dorr wool, and a few colours of Pro Chem dyes. The predyed wool I had always purchased had been evenly coloured, but my background came out quite mottled. Disappointed at first, I soon realized I liked the effect. My taste was expanding. This was the last rug I hooked with #3 and #4 cuts and fine shaded flowers.

June taught me another valuable tip while I was hooking this rug. The petals on the yellow flower didn’t stand out clearly from one another, and she had me use a fine strand of black around the edges to delineate them….a strategy I have used many times since then. 

I gave this rug to my niece and namesake (Dale Elizabeth) for Christmas two years ago, and she sent me the photo (along with her beautifully pedicured toes lol) Thanks Dale! (Notice I didn’t mention my very trendy socks and sandals in the previous post)

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