My First Efforts at Dyeing

Up until this point, I had purchased all my wool ready dyed. When June suggested that she would teach me how to dye wool, I was excited about the challenge. By this time, June’s nearly 5 year hiatus from cancer had ended, and the dreaded disease had returned in her spine. She had been forced to give up teaching, but was always cheerful and optimistic. Her deep faith was a great solace to her throughout her illness.

She sat in her kitchen giving directions, while I dug through the cupboards getting her equipment, and making tea for us to share during the process. During several session she taught me how to do 6 value swatches, dip dyeing, and dyeing a background. She had me set up a 3 ring binder for my methods and recipes and  glue little swatches by each one. She provided me with an old porcelan  refridgerator crisper, and 8 square sided glass jars and my introduction to the world of wool dyeing was on its way.

`The first rug I made with wool I dyed myself, I gave to my niece for Christmas two years ago. I’ll talk about that rug next time.

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