Expanding My horizons

I decided I wanted to try a larger cut, and a different style of pattern. While not primitive exactly, it was quite a departure from my previous hooking.


The pattern is called ‘Breakfast’ and it comes from Heartland Creations. I didn’t dye any of the wool for this rug myself, other than the taupe border, but for the first time I used quite a bit of recycled wool. It is done in a #5 cut. (I moved up gradually). I was working in a vacuum, not really knowing how to deal with the colours. I enjoyed the larger cut, and the freedom to create my own vision (even if it wasn’t completely successful). I love this rug in spite of its design and shading flaws. I gave it to my daughter-in-law for Christmas two years ago. (Thanks Scott for the picture…no toes visible here! lol)

I had joined the ‘yahookers’, a marvelous internet chat group, and there I met a great hooking community, and first heard the name Gene Shepherd. I began reading his daily blogs, and soon realized that his work embodied the style I was now striving for. His great teaching/writing style, tremendous organizational skills, and wonderful sense of humour are an added bonus.

I retired from teaching on  January 1 2008. I had been looking forward for years to being able to join the local rug hookers guild….finally! June Baker and I had often talked about when I could go with her, but by now June was having more difficulty getting around and hadn’t been able to get to a meeting for some time. However, true to her fighting spirit, she was determined !! We went late, as she couldn’t sit for long, I carefully drove around all the potholes,took a circuitous route to avoid extra stops and starts, and took her right to the door. She was given a rousing welcome back, and I was warmly brought into the local rughooking ‘fold’. She was able to go a few more times in January and February, but by March she was hospitalized. Cancer was eventually the victor, and she passed away in the early spring. I lost a special friend and mentor, but her family lost a devoted mother, wife, and daughter. She was a fine teacher, and active in her church, the rug hooking, and card making communities, The Sunshine Rughookers completed the last rug she was working on and gave it back to her husband. At their fall craft show the next fall, her church had a special room devoted to displaying her work. We  lost a very special lady.

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