Women in Hats

The year 2008 wasn’t one I’d care to repeat. I had gone on medical leave from teaching at Christmas because of a back problem ( I officially retired in June that year), My friend June Baker passed away in the spring, and I ended up having a triple bypass in September. It was 2009 before I got back to hooking. ‘Women in Hats’ is done in a 6 cut and is 18″ x 36″


The Sunshine Rughookers are a wonderful, caring, knowledgable, fun loving group of hookers. They have been my inspiration and support. There are close to 40 members and a wide variety of styles is always evident, from #3 beautifully shaded traditional work, breathtaking landscapes, to hand cut strips in freeform artistic expression, and everything in between. I love it all! Quite a number of the members have been to Nova Scotia to take workshops with Deanne Fitzpatrick, and her style and freedom of expression are highly regarded . I purchased this Deane Fitzpatrick pattern and worked on it during my recuperation….using just wool I had in my tiny stash. I’m not particularly pleased with the result, but it was the first time I successfully used anything other than wool strips. I inserted various specialty yarns for decorations on the hats and necklines, and the white hair is done with a hairy, glitzy white yarn. That’s my favourite part of this piece. I really will get to whipping the edges…..soon!

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