Girl on a Path

While the last two patterns, plus this one are all by Deanne Fitzpatrick, anyone who is familiar with her work, will realize that I have not emulated her style at all. At first, it was because I hadn’t seen her rugs, or her liberated way of hooking. Then after being exposed to her work, and reading about her artistic process, I found I was not successful when trying to adopt her style. Finally I came to realize, that her style was not my style, and at that point, I came to terms with what pleased me in my hooking, and could happily move in my own direction.


I got back to dyeing my own wool for ‘Girl on a Path’. I used pro chem ‘papria’ for the girl’s dress, and it is one of my favourite colours. (this is the main red used in my hall rugs, dulled slightly with 1/128 tsp. of black).  I studied a lighthouse featured in a back copy of Rughooking magazine to help with the shading and direction of the round tower, and the building, and dip dyed the wool. I’m pleased with most of it except the vegetation and some of the clouds. This one too hasn’t been whipped around the edges….not hard to see that I enjoy the hooking better than the finishing. I think like most hookers, I’m always mentally planning a new project, long before I complete what I’m working on, and I can’t wait to start something new.

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