A Failed Attempt

A year ago last spring (spring 2009) I decided my next project would be to hook a rug to replace the rug at our front door. I finally came up with a design which was rather Greek inspired, and somewhat geometrical. I drew the various aspects of it on red dot, so it could be flipped as needed and made symmetrical. I transferred the design to a large piece of burlap, dyed my wool and began hooking.


Fortunately, before I got too far, I realized that in fact the symmetry was way off in various places. I struggled for some time trying to determine what I had done wrong, and how to fix it. Then I called in my resident expert on all things plumb, square, and precise. After several times thinking he had found the problem, Ray would ¬†discover that the correction merely created a new problem somewhere else, He finally realized that the burlap itself was warped. At that point I scrapped the whole project, and began again. I ordered primative linen for my backing, decided to do a hall runner as well, came up with an entirely new pattern, and began the project which I am still working on, and discussed in my first two blogs. I haven’t worked exclusively on these rugs for the last year and a half though, so next time I’ll show you my adventure into ‘proddy’.


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