Panty hose Bird

While many of the free patterns in RHM don’t appeal to me, I liked  this particular one and had been thinking for some time that it would be fun to do. It was in that…gee I’d like to try that someday….category (along with countless others).


By the spring of this year (2010) I was once more feeling well enough to travel, and planned a trip to see my family in Regina. I wanted to take some hooking with me, but I was working on my hall runner , and I certainly wasn’t about to lug that across the country. In fact I didn’t want to take my cutter at all…the last time I flew , my leather suitcase had been destroyed, and I wasn’t about to risk damage to my dear little Bliss.

While I was pondering this, one of the women arrived at a Sunshine Rughookers meeting one morning with several pillowcases full of dyed nylons. A hooker who had worked exclusively with them had decided for some reason to give up hooking, and had donated her stash to the group. I was merely an interested onlooker for quite some time while others claimed treasures from the colourful pile. Then it came to me, that trying a piece hooked with nylons wouldn’t require a cutter, and this would be a great ‘travelling’ project. I remembered the little bird, and trying to recall the details of the pattern, I came up with this colour palette..(dictated entirely by what was left in the pile that might work). Fortunately I remembered the essential details, but forgot entirely about the need for a background. Ah well I’d worry about that later.

After a few quick tips from experienced “nylon hookers”, I flew off to Regina with my little project. My granddaughter helped cut the strips while I was there, and I always think of this as Livy’s mat.

I finished the foreground during a camping trip in the summer, then turned my attention to the background. I wanted a pale mottled blue, and thought it would be a simple thing to pick up cheap white nylons at the dollar store, and dye them. No such luck!! Apparently if you want white panty hose these days, you have to pay a premium price for them. The closest I could get were white knee highs that were heavier than nylons. Not to be out done…I bought 5 pairs of them and came home to my dye pot.

After the longest dye session in history…I finally got the water to clear somewhat, and was pleased with the result…only to find when I rinsed them under the tap, that the dye washed right out. I pondered my options, and finally decided that a slightly off-white background would be fine…and if anyone asks…that’s what I’d intended all along!!

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