Severn Sunset

I’ve renamed the Nature’s Elements piece, and changed a few details to make it reminiscent of the Severn River which has many happy memories for me.


I’ve really enjoyed hooking my first landscape. It’s fun to use small amounts of lots of various wools to create a suggestion of nature. Some turned out quite well, others not so well.  I like the sky, but I’m disappointed in the water, and although I made a conscious decision not to use any blue, I think I’m not yet skilled enough to successfully create my vision.

All the wool from the swap boxes and the stash I have acquired has really come in handy. I had lots of dark plaids, and I enjoyed the variety of effects they make when hooked.  I had thought I would never find a use for them, but the subtle changes they create are one of my favourite parts of the piece. By being selective about which portion of the plaid I hooked, I was able to get a variety  of aspects, particularly in the ground sections I rehooked the jutting rocks several times. I wanted the smaller rock to be behind the other, but couldn’t do that with any success, so finally I separated them with water.( In the original pattern that was a sandy beach with a campfire.)


My ‘painting with wool’ still has a long way to go, but overall I’m satisfied with the result, and I certainly learned a lot during this process. I can’t wait to try another one, but for now it’s back to my hall runner.

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