Preparing to Hook a Country Cottage Tea Cozy

While at my hooking meeting last Tuesday, I was given a copy of a craft magazine I’d never seen before. It’s a Canadian publication called ‘A Needle Pulling Thread’.  It features a wide variety of fabric arts, but had one article on rug hooking with a delightful tea cozy pattern. It immediately took my fancy…and I decided it would be my next project. (thanks Jean)


The first chore was to enlarge the pattern. Instructions say ‘enlarge to 160%’ . My printer has a photocopy aspect…but it has no enlargement feature, so I took it to Staples to blow it up. I like this pattern for a number of reasons, but one is because the cozy is drawn end to end The roof of the front runs into the roof of the back, so there are only side seams to sew together. It also suggests a number of speciality stitches which I have never tried…so I’m looking forward to that as well.

I’m thinking about the wool I’ll use. It won’t require large amounts of anything, so hopefully I can find what I need in my stash. Although I’ve read the instructions several times, nowhere do I see a cut size mentioned. It looks quite small to me, But I think I’ll try it with a #6, at least to start, and see how it looks.


My initial idea for a colour palette, was based on a light beige/grey for the body of the cottage, and a dark brown (which had purple in it), which was a dye error, for the frame. I had picked up an array of muted grey pinks and mauves, which I thought would work well for the flowers. However, when I assembled the wool together, it was totally ‘dead’, so I started again.


This time I chose a light yellow/tan for the walls, and a red/brown tweed for the frame. I felt it had life and vitality. I added a swatch of yellow to browns, plus some rust and a spot dye to use for the thatch, and a variety of spot dye’s and  worms from a part of the Severn Sunset for the flowers. I’m happy with these colours at this point.

The tree is up, Christmas shopping is done…but the house is full of workmen installing a new furnace, so I’m going to stay out of the way, and spend the afternoon hooking.

1 thought on “Preparing to Hook a Country Cottage Tea Cozy

  1. Good for you Elizabeth to do a complete 360 with the color scheme. A sunny, English cottage with a happy disposition is now in the offing. As with the portraits, one must imagine, "Who lived here?" or "Who will live here?"Thank you for the lesson in choosing colors. You present it in such a relaxed manner. Merry Christmas!Margaret

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