Hooking a Chain Stitch Vine

I hooked the front steps of the cottage, again from the back side, using a hook-1 skip-3 pattern, but adjusting the repeats in each row to create a brick pattern. I used a brown plaid for this and quite like the cobbled effect.


The flowers over the doorway were hooked in clusters of three, and the leaves left with long loops. I studied the pictures in the magazine carefully, because the instructions said simply …use a chain, or daisy stitch for the vines. They were obviously on top of the hooked wall, so I used a 3 cut, and got out my fine bent hook. I hooked into the spaces between the rows, pulled up a long loop, then pulled up the next loop up a few rows of hooking and looped it through the previous loop creating the chain. I had to leave it all quite loose, so that it didn’t pull down into the hooked wall, but sat nicely on top. The flowers on the vine are simply 1 loop of a 6 cut which I twisted by hand to go in the direction I wanted. The foliage is long loops of a 3 cut which I then snipped at an angle.


Well I’ve satisfied my curiosity about some of the decorative flowers, so I’ll get back to hooking the stucco and beams for awhile.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. We really enjoyed having family here for the celebration, and of course I ate far too much…..but it was sooo yummy! The  house is quiet again today and we are enjoying the calm after all the activity. Time to put up my feet and hook!

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