Hooking a thatched roof

I think indecision must be my middle name. I had chosen wool for the thatched roof, but as I got ready to begin hooking it and took the wool out, I realized that having changed the body of the cottage to a pale yellow, the thatch is now too close in colour to the walls. I wanted more contrast.  I looked at a variety of options in my wool supply, and (at least now as I prepare to start) I’ve decided on a sort of peach to rust swatch , with small amounts of yellow and brown, and little touches of a spot dye.


Well that was the colour palette I started with….now at the end of the evening, one side of the roof is finished, and I made several adjustments as I went along.The darker colours in the ‘peach/rust swatch were too powerful, and made it look more like tiles than thatch, so I took them out and used small amounts of dark brown for accent instead.


I used the 2  paler peach colours, and the darker yellow golds, plus the multi coloured spot dye, and added a gold/brown spot dye from my hall rug as well. I was very unsure of the whole thing while I was actually hooking it, but now that it’s finished, and I’ve had a chance to stand back and look at it from a distance for awhile, I think I’m pleased with it (at least for now).


It bares little resemblance to actual thatch, but provides the notion and is pleasing to my eye.

Since I’m just using wool from my stash for this project, I have to be careful not to run out of any colour that I need. There are 8 or 9 different shades in the roof, so to make sure I had enough for the other side, I used no more than half of each piece. I’m learning to plan ahead!!

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