Portrait Necklace and Cottage Windows

I just had to show you a gift I gave my sister for Christmas. I didn’t make it… it was made by Cheri Hempseed, a very talented hooker in our group. She usually makes them with three people, but since I only have 1 sister…she made this especially for me, with details such as hair colour and eye colour carefully correct. Isn’t it precious!


I”m working away on the tea cozy, and  love the leaded glass windows in the cottage, but I was frustrated by the fact that the thread would not stay taut and sometimes separated. It is sewn through loops on the backside, and when I tried to pull it tighter, I only made it worse.


I’m rather pleased with myself that I thought up a solution which seems to be working nicely. I took my bottle of ‘Tackie Glue’ , put a dab on my finger, and gently patted the strands of thread to glue them together and make them stiff. I like the windows much better now…..tackie glue is rather like the rug hooker’s duct tape!

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