Christmas coasters

Coasters and mug rugs make lovely little gifts, are quick to make, and are a great way to use up left over worms (the strips of wool left over from other projects). I gave these to my sister last Christmas.


I originally drew the pattern for this flower for a yahoo rughookers swap, and hooked it in golds and yellows and oranges. Last Christmas, I used the same pattern, made colour changes and a few adjustments to turn it into a poinsettia. It’s not terribly accurate, but I think it looks “Christmasy” . The gold in the centre is done with french knots in embroidery floss. They are 5″ squares.

As I write this, I’m working on the water for my nature’s elements landscape. I’m not at all happy with the look of the water, but I’m pressing on hoping that when I finish it will look like a reflection of the sky….right now the water looks more like a wheat field!

A Jennifer Manuel purse…under construction

I’ve talked about all my large pieces now, up to what I’m presently working on, but I realize that along the way I’ve done a variety of smaller items.

One of these was a purse by Jennifer Manuel. I bought the kit for this little project, at RUGG a few years ago. This was at a time while I was still firmly entrenched in hooking only with #3 and #4 cuts. The wool was mostly recycled, so I struggled with it fraying, but I love the colours and the design. Of course, being me, I don’t like the sewing together part, so it remains…not quite finished. I still need to sew in the bottom, and the lining, and affix the handles.


Jennifer is coming to do a workshop with our group in the new year, so I’d better get my act together and finish this purse before I start another! Does anyone have a ‘like pill’ for finishing and sewing???