My Wool Storage History

When I first started hooking, I had one small bag of precut strips…all for the one piece I was working on. Wow have things changed!….and  while recording my personal hooking history, I realize….I’ve gone through a whole series of storage solutions in the process.


When I began hooking a second time, I got my Bliss, so I cut my own strips and was working mostly with 6 or 8-colour swatches. I kept these organized by using baggies. I labeled each one with numbers 0 to 5 or 7 , then stapled them all together with the colour name on bag #0.


By the time I started hooking my third time, I needed further organization for my growing accumulation of  wool, so I went to the dollar store. I bought small plastic containers for the various colours of swatches and larger covered containers for the various larger pieces of wool. I stored these on a shelf, and it was beginning to look as if I was a real hooker (in miniature!)


Eventually these were overflowing and I had piles of wool on shelves, and falling on the floor. I was no longer often using small colour swatches, and was dyeing my own wool in larger pieces. Last year, while at a workshop at Linda Wilson’s, I was impressed, when someone needed a particular colour, Linda pulled out a large tub with that colour in it, and was able to rummage through to easily find what she wanted. I had seen other similar systems, but I couldn’t afford a dozen or more expensive covered tubs. Again I went to my trusty Dollar Store (who were now offering items for $2 as well) I found just what I needed….good sized open tubs with cut out handles. I bought about a dozen, cleared out a whole shelving unit in a storage area, and now I can (usually) find what I’m after. (the picture just shows 2 of my 5 shelves)

While in the middle of a project, I create quite a mess where I’m hooking, all sorts of wool pieces here and there. When finished, I find I love the re-storing process, going through all my tubs, folding and sorting the wool…..forget the hooking….I think I’m addicted to the wool and the colours!!!

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