Stained Glass

It’s pretty bad when I have so many unfinished pieces (unbound, not partially hooked) that I miss one entirely in my chronicle of rug hooking! …and it’s one I really like!


These morning glories were one of the first pieces I hooked when I began hooking with June Baker. She knew Sheila Klugescheid and we decided one Saturday to drive over to her studio. It was in the middle of winter, and I remember we drove through a nasty snowstorm on the way, and struggled through snow to our knees getting to the door. (nothing daunts those of us who live in the central Ontario snow belt)

It was my first visit to a studio, and I couldn’t leave without purchasing a new pattern. I loved the morning glory pattern, but had no clue how to do stained glass hooking. Shiela gave me an instant tutorial, helped me choose the wool, and I came home excited to get started. I bought two-sided tape, and used a file folder to keep the strips in order. It is hooked with #3 and #4.  I recall that I was working very hard not to pack my loops while I was hooking this piece. (I still have to remind myself about that!)


I always thought I would like to frame it with a silver edged frame…but as you can see that has never happened! (I wonder if there’s anything else lurking at the back of that drawer???)

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