Country Cottage progress

Well I’m almost finished the straight line hooking on the cottage.


There have been a few bumps along the way….the major one being with the yellow wool I’m using for the stucco. It was in two pieces, which seemed to be identical. But when I had used up the first, and went on to the second piece…low and behold there is a very slight difference in the colour! You can see the difference in this picture….It’s on the back along the top. Actually the two yellows are not as different in real light, as they appear in the picture.  I’m hoping with lots of vegitation applied over the bottom section it won’t be noticeable.


I’ve tried quite a variety of materials with the flowers. I used #3 cut for the stems of the centre and left vines, then tried crewel wool for the right hand shrub…..much easier to manage. I did the purple flowers using french knots, then added wool strips for the leaves. I used some feathery ribbon, and sprinkled in some specialty wools along the bottom, but the effect was lost, other than a bit of sparkle….not worth the effort.


I think I will use more of the crewel wool on the back, as it is the easiest to use, and yet creates a nice effect.

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