Transitional Dyeing

I love the effects possible with transitional wool…wool which has a variety of colours blending together, and I’ve been itching to add to my sadly depleted stash of this beautifaul and useful wool.

I started by again watching Gene Shepherd’s video on the subject to refresh my memory, then went ahead and did it using what materials etc. I had at hand. One of the best things about this method…is… it’s quick and easy, since it doesn’t require either dye, or presoaked wool.


I gathered up a variety of pieces, both light and dark.( Akuma my seal point supervised). Gene uses only previously dyed wool, and I didn’t. I would prefer to, but my stash isn’t big enough. As a result, a few pieces would neither bleed, nor accept colour, and that is the result I must just accept (and try to remember not to use that wool next time) .


The dry wool is layered in the pan, covering about half of each piece with the next one…..about 4 layers deep


Gene then mixes synthrapol???  (which I don’t have) in cold water…so I used a few drops of dish detergent, covered the wool with this (just barely) and brought it to a boil for about 10 minutes. (covered with tin foil….no beautiful covered stainless pans in my dye kitchen….well actually no dye kitchen either)


After the wool had accepted the dye to my satisfaction, I poured in vinegar and cold water (Gene uses citric acid crystals) then it is simmered a further 15 minutes, then rinsed in cold water.


I got some very interesting colours. Some pieces are ‘accepters’ of dye, some are ‘donators’ and a few just went along for the bath. The bottom picture shows an original piece on the left, with 3 dyed pieces to the right.


This is what it all looks like, now that it is dry. Yummy!

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