My Very Special Quilt

Anyone who has read my ramblings on this blog, will know my sister plays a very significant role in my life. She is not a rug hooker, but a skilled craftsperson in many areas, especially knitting and quilting. Everyone in the family treasures the quilting she has given us on various occasions. You may have noticed in the first picture of the previous blog, what appears to be photographs on the bed beside my pile of wool. They are actually a part of a very special quilt.


This quilt was made and given to me by my sister, as a gift for my birthday a few years ago.  (I won’t say which one).


She used 12 pictures from my childhood, including a baby picture of me, our whole family, to various events such as Christmas, visits with Grandma, etc.


The last photo is of my sister and I at the park in winter. (I’m the baby of the family) Originally I thought to hang the quilt as a wall hanging, but she insisted it should be used as a regular bed covering, so it has had a place of honour there ever since. I feel lucky to have such a wonderful family record, and such a wonderful sister. Happy Birthday Audrey!!!

1 thought on “My Very Special Quilt

  1. Audrey Borsos said…. Thank You Elizabeth. It is such a joy to create a special quilt for members of our family….. but this one was very special with all our family pictures & so many memories from way back when…….

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