Country Cottage–finished hooking—now the yucky stuff!

Hooking’s done…that was really fun.


I kept experimenting with various ways to do the flowers as I went along.  I used both strips and yarn for the flower stems, but eventually found one way that pleased me most. (the large shrubs I settled on a yarn chain stitch). For the flowers along the edge, I pulled up varying lengths of long loops, with a number 3 cut wool. Then, I began my french knot flowers by coming up inside the top of the loop, and going down outside, so the flower tied down the stem.  (hope that makes sense).


Although I said in one blog, that the specialty yarns weren’t worth the effort, I found I missed the bit of sparkle that they added, so I did insert some on the back as well. The flowers under the window are a bit of ‘proddy style’ in miniature, I shaped a piece of wool to make it easier to pull through, pulled up both sides close together, then cut the petals into smaller strips.


The only thing left to add is the door handle…I’m pondering several possibilities for it….not sure yet what I’ll settle on. I want it visible, but not really obvious. I have a lovely gold cord ….may be too strong…or maybe a brown yarn…may not show up….or maybe….


I took the bull by the horns this morning, took the cover off my trusty little sewing machine, and did three rows of zig zag around the outside, about a quarter inch out from the hooking (actually just the width of the machine foot) I didn’t even run out of bobbin thread, so I happily closed it back up again quickly when I was done.

I’m finally mentally ready and excited to get back to my hall runner. (although I’ve promised myself I won’t start on it again until the finishing on the tea cozy is complete….out with my needle!)

3 thoughts on “Country Cottage–finished hooking—now the yucky stuff!

  1. Elisabeth, I just found out about your blog on Yahoo! and am absolutely delighted. I love your tea cozy with all the special details you used. I was curious if this was an original pattern?

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