Yahoo…finished the finishing!!!

I think writing this blog is good motivation for me…at least…it has spurred me on to do all the finishing on  my tea cozy. …and you know..I actually enjoyed doing it!


The steaming was a bit tricky, because I didn’t want to flatten any of the applied flowers, but the hooking really needed it . With all the extra wool pulled up through it, it was no longer entirely flat. I steamed the flat parts regularly, and for the rest, I held my iron slightly above the work and used my steam button, then used my fingers to fluff up anything that looked a little droopy (a proper steamer would have come in really handy…sigh!)


After it was dry, I started by  cutting off the excess linen close to the zigzag stitching then stitched the sides and roof. Using very strong thread, I began at the bottom edges and secured the thread. Then worked my way up, keeping the cross beams aligned. Working on the good side, I took a small stitch on one side right at the base of the loop, then a small stitch on the other side , gradually moving up a bit. After several stitches, I pulled it tight, and a neat invisible seam was formed. (honestly….it is neater than it looks in the picture since it’s bunched up trying to lie flat)


I used Gene Shepherd’s whipping technique to finish the bottom. This is the first time I’ve used it with white tape. It was much easier to see than when I used black tape,  and easier to make the back stitches even. ( could also be that I’m just getting better with practise) The trick to this is to work with the tape facing you so you can bring the needle up in exactly the same place each time. (that’s the theory…I’ve never managed to do it even CLOSE to every time )


Well now that it’s finished, I realize I don’t have a teapot anywhere near big enough for it….it’s huge! One of the women at Sunshine rughookers said she made one a long time ago…hers was huge too, so she weighted the bottom and turned it into a doorstop. Ummmm….There are some bricks in the yard…but I’ll never find them under all this snow!

2 thoughts on “Yahoo…finished the finishing!!!

  1. Your tea cozy is really neat. I love the colors and the flowers just make the cottage look so lifelike!Did you have a pattern or did you create the cozy?

  2. Thanks Carolyn. I didn’t create it…the pattern was in the Spring 2008 edition of ‘ A Needle Pulling Thread’

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