Back to the Monster!

I think someone has been feeding my hall runner while I’ve been busy with other, smaller hooking projects. I’m sure it has grown several feet!! It seems enormous!


I decided to resume by doing some background. I don’t want to be left with tons of it  at the end. I am very fond of dark backgrounds, especially black, but it’s not my favourite hooking…I can’t always see it well, and find it is often not as even as I would like. I’m doing two rows around the perimeter to start so that it is completely outlined. (still not quite all the way around)



I originally started the hooking at one end, and was working my way down, but I ran into a stumbling block just past the centre, about the colours to choose for these two areas. After consulting with several people it was decided that the best thing to do was start at the other end, work my way back to the centre, then make the choice, when the surroundings were hooked. Decision time is looming!


It’s been several months since I’ve worked on it, that I wasn’t sure just what was left of each colour, and what I might need to dye more of. Here’s the colour palette….looks like I may only have to dye more black.

While I’m working on this rug..I’m already mulling over what I’ll do next…I can’t get Patsy Becker’s ‘tumbling cats’ pattern out of my head, or perhaps a landscape of our home, or a carpet bag, or a small piece for the washstand in the hall, or all of the above???

3 thoughts on “Back to the Monster!

  1. Fantastic colors! It is stunning. I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be racing to finish it so you can enjoy it every day. Who is designer? Love everything about it.

  2. Thanks Jill and Sharlene . The motifs were inspired by a rug called Queen Anne …a design by Pearl McGown. This is the second rug of a pair I am doing for my front hall. I love them too, but find I need a break away with something else every once in awhile!

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