The Final Colour decision

I mentioned in an earlier blog, that there was one motif that I was stymied on as to colour choice. It doesn’t really resemble any of the other motifs closely, and I couldn’t decide what colours from my palette would be best.


I left it, started working from the other end, and now it is surrounded, and the choice needs to be made. (I’ve left bits and pieces of the vine and leaves to do as a break from the black background) I decided to  have a look at some options.


Light blue and pale yellow is not a combination I’ve used, but it is too washed out. and right next to a large blue/wine ‘flower’.


A gold/yellow treatment is too close to the gold motif above it.


Using just the maroon, seems too dull and drab.


I think I will go with the bright red/paprika spot combination. It has become the primary colour focus of the rug (at least to my eyes) and I think it is balanced with the other red ‘flowers’ in the rug. (colour focus seems to be a personal thing….while the red is what dominates for me…someone else thought it was the acid green, and another first noticed the deep blues….hummmm interesting!)


Whew….it’s done. Hopefully that was the right choice.

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