Preparing for a New Project

I’m so excited. I’m going to Trent Rug Hooking School in June. This will be my first time not only to go to Trent, but any Rug hooking school. (You could even count the number of workshops I’ve been at on one hand.) For those of you who may not be familiar with it, it’s held each year in Peterborough Ontario on the campus of Trent University in June. There are about 7 courses offered, and you take a full week in one course.(30 hours of instruction) I’m taking Colour and Motion in Art Nouveau with Linda Sullivan.


Before I even knew this course was available, I had decided to use Gustav Klimt as the inspiration for my next rug. This was not an idea that came to me out of the blue, but actually originated with Deanne Fitzpatrick, and shared with Sunshine Rughookers by Cynthia Young, a wonderfully creative and artistic hooker in our group. In all honesty I had never heard of Gustav Glimt, so I came home and googled him, and was immediately fascinated with his paintings. Every time I look at one I see more and more interesting features, colours, shapes.


The minute I saw  “Hygieia” or “Medicine” I was taken by both the colour and movement.  This would be my inspiration. However the longer I looked at it, the more I was drawn to the entire painting, and now I intend to actually try to hook it. I’m no artist, so I’m mulling over how I will get the outline of it to my backing.


Here’s what I’ve come up with. The picture is twice as long as it is wide, so that simplifies things. I think I will blow up the best picture of it I can find, draw a grid over the picture, and use that to re-draw it onto the red dot grid. I was thinking I would do something in the nature of 30″ x 60″ but my DH thinks it would be wonderful to hang in the stairwell.(it’s about 15′ high)…so it may grow if that is to be its final destination… see It’s not my fault I end up hooking humongous rugs!!

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