Fixing Another Trouble Spot

While I’m pouring over pictures of ‘Hygieia’ each day, and pondering  ways to create the colour palette for this exciting project, (and how big to make it), I’m working to finish the hall runner as quickly as I can.


Another small section posed a problem. This motif (pictured above) is not exactly like any of the others, but bears a resemblance to the red one with blue green leaves (see below).


I decided to add the centre yellow spot, and do it the same way.  That done, I thought it was fine until I looked at the whole section for some time, and realized it looked ‘bald’ without the leaves. There wasn’t room to add them because of the ‘acid green style’ leaf from the motif under it. I thought of adding some smaller flowers around it, or extending some of the motif from below, but finally settled on removing the small leaf altogether, and adding the blue green leaves, adjusting their size and placement slightly so they would fit comfortably in the space. (see below)


Whew!…now I like it!

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