Sunshine Rug Hookers …work in progress

Last Tuesday I took my camera to the meeting of Sunshine Rug hookers, since I wanted to take pictures of Hilda and her rugs. I decided while I was there to also take pictures of the work that was being done by the other members. I always enjoy seeing what other hookers are up to, and I hope you do too.


Hilda Hayes gave this pattern to another hooker since it was now too small for her to see. It was originally intended as a stained glass piece, but Linda has decided not to do it that way.


Luise has recently become our ‘polar bear expert’. She has done several wonderful pictorials of polar bears, and now people keep sending/giving her cute pictures of them that they find.


Cecelia is hooking this impressive lion from a poster that was on her grandson’s wall…wow!


This hooker is also a quilter…can you tell? I love the effect of the dark and light.


Darlene decided to use some of the plaids she had…each circle is a different plaid (by the way she hooked this in one week)


Gail bought this pattern while on a visit to the Dorr Wool store. I love her colour choices, and always admire her beautiful even loops. 


Not only did Darlene complete the plaid circles in one week…she is well along in a new project. I wish I had had her spread it out to see it better…I just LOVE that face!


This pig is so full of personality…I think he’s talking to me!


I love the colour palette of Edie’s persian. The whole thing is so detailed!

There are many more pictures, and I’ll show them next post. In the meantime, I’m continuing with the background of my hall runner. But YIPEE…today the parcel of backing arrived for Hygieia, and the new dyes I ordered from pro chem also came. I can now begin the pattern drawing process, and start experimenting with the new colours.

3 thoughts on “Sunshine Rug Hookers …work in progress

  1. So much talent, creativity, forms of expression and personality in one room. I am surprised the walls can hold the energy and probably laughter.

  2. YEs Tammy. I love that about Sunshine Rug Hookers too. On any given day you will find examples of almost every stye of hooking…and all the styles are equally appreciated by the group.Sandi…I think sometimes the walls bulge a little with the laughter and chatter….we’re a noisy lot!

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