Drawing Hygieia and thinking out loud

One of the first things I realized as I began drawing the pattern, was that I would have to scrap the notion I had of doing this in 6 and 8 cuts.


I think in order to get the kind of detail I would like, I will be using everything from 3 on up.


As I look at her hair, it appears ‘fluffy/curly, and is ‘ragged’ along the edges, so I’m thinking that a thick twisted wool might give me the effect. The gold circles in the hair were ( I think) originally gold leaf, so perhaps I’ll think of applying small gold discs. Lots of ideas percolating as I go along…..Wait a minute…


having taken a picture of her head from another version…I now see that the curly hair is dark brown and up close to her face, and the black with gold is actually a headpiece!


The detail given her neckpiece also varies quite a bit between the renditions, as well as the headpiece. I wonder what other surprises  await me as I study her in detail!!


Since the original was destroyed in 1945, all the photos I am looking at are of reproductions, and I’ve noticed that in some of them she looks very ‘jowl-ee’. When drawing the face using the grid as my reference, she did indeed end up very wide just below the chin.


I’ve narrowed that down until I’m satisfied with the look. The more drawing I do, the more I stand back for the overall effect and make adjustments. Also as I get details placed, I find I go over them with long sweeping lines, not short ‘square-to-square- ones.


As a result, there’s been a lot of erasing going on! The red dot isn’t too fond of that, and scrubs up quite considerably, but I’m trusting that that won’t make a difference when I’m drawing with the sharpie. I have read various comments that say never to use a sharpie…use a scrub-a-dub? (I’m not sure of the name). I’ve never found them,I’ve always used sharpies and never had a problem, so that’s likely what I’lll use again. (especially since I have a half box of them left over from when I drew my hall rug patterns) Looking forward to getting to that step.

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