Reds and pattern transfer

Monday was a special day…our youngest son Mathieu’s birthday. Ray and I went down to Toronto to take him, and his girlfriend (whose birthday was Friday) out to dinner.  What a wonderful meal we had at a little French Bistro. As a result…the only hooking related activity I did was to put some wool to soak before we left. ..But in the process I discovered that I had made a mistake with the lazy swatches I’d dyed the day before. Rather than dyeing 1/3 yard of the poppy red…I had actually dyed 1/2 yard. (it’s a good thing that I like it). The wool I intend to dye today is oatmeal coloured, so I’m hoping to get a duller, deeper red. Let’s see what happens.


A good start.


I’ve begun the next step in the pattern process. Having finished sketching the pattern outline on the red dot, I drew a line around the outside of the pattern matching the lines on the tintest at 3′ and 6′.  The linen needed a good steaming to get rid of the wrinkles and creases, then I laid it out on the tintest, and leaving a 6″ border, I pinned a corner in the right spot.


Using my marker, I drew in the ditches to outline the 3′ x 6′ perimeter ,


then matched the ditch outline to the tintest grid markings, and pinned it all down.


Then I put the red dot on top, matched the outside perimeters, and pinned it down.


 Now I’m ready to draw on the pattern with the ink pen to transfer the pattern unto the linen. I know this would be a much easier process with a light table, but I only have a glass topped coffee table, and I somehow think it works better that I can lay the whole thing out flat. 

2 thoughts on “Reds and pattern transfer

  1. Elizabeth, you are taking on an enormous and spectacular project and I can’t wait to see how it progresses for you. It is an amazing piece and I just love all the reds in it!jill in Ontario

  2. As I said to Phyllis, Jill….fools leap in where wise men fear to go…I’m having fun trying to get lots of variety out of two main colours!

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