I’ll start off with a warning.  Don’t simmer your wool, and cook your roast at the same time! As soon as  I put the casserole/pancake dye pan on the top of the stove, the pork roast for dinner went in the oven. I always start a roast off at 450 degrees for ten minutes, then turn it down to 325 degrees. In my excitement with the wool and checking it, I forgot to turn down the oven, and the roast spent 3 hours in a very hot environment. Ever try to slice a roast with 1/2 inch crunchy char all over it?

The pattern for Hygieia is completed. It was sometimes tricky trying to make sure all the ribbons  made sense and actually went somewhere, but I’m pleased with the final result.


The pattern completed on the red dot


Head detail of red dot


head detail of the actual linen patternAfter the initial tracing, I went over it all on the linen itself to make sure it was sharp and clear.


There it is!!  

 I would love to plunge right in and get started at it, but……I’m going to Trent in June, and this is to be my project , so I’ll regretfully roll it up and wait until I get there to work on it. 

That does leave me with another dilemma however. Sunshine Rug Hookers are responsible for the program at RUGG in the fall, and we’re each doing a rug based on a general theme  (broken down to actually be..a still life…or one  inspired by Glimt). Hygieia was also to be my presentation rug, but in all honesty, there is no way I can begin a 6′ x 3′ rug in June, and have it completed and bound by early October!

Yesterday I wandered around the house looking for inspiration to do a reasonable sized still life, but nothing struck my fancy. This morning, I was leafing through my beautiful book on Glimt, and decided I would do a geometric based on one of his fantastical backgrounds. My always supportive dh thought I should try one of his heads, and wouldn’t you know,


I turned the page and there it was!  ….the background I was going to do, around the head in a blow up picture! Soooo   I’m off again. I’ve never hooked a rug from a photo so that in itself will be a new experience…and perhaps better to first try it on something of a smaller scale. Out with the pencil to do calculations once again!


I am also hooking each day on the black background of my hall rug, and it is gradually starting to fill in! 

4 thoughts on “Woops!…Ending..Waiting…Starting…Continuing..

  1. I’ll keep posting the progress Tammy….it should be fun! I think a hooker could spend an entire lifetime hooking on inspiration from Glimt!! Elizabeth

  2. I still can’t get over the fact that you’re doing a Klimt rug. I have been trying for months to decide which one of his paintings I want to try to adapt into a rug!!! I guess great minds think alike!?!?! Great job. And good luck with the dyeing. It is so hard to estimate how much wool we’ll need. I always heard to use 6 times the space you’re covering.Sheri

  3. <html> <head> <style><!– .hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage { font-size: 10pt; font-family:Tahoma } –></style> </head> <body class=’hmmessage’> Hi Sheri<div>I’m a recent ‘Glimt fan’ ( was just introduced to his work about a month ago) but I think there’s enough inspiration from him for a lifetime of hooking! ….and such a range of styles!!! &nbsp;I just hope I can do justice to the two pieces I’m going to do . I’m going to recheck Gene Shepherd’s blog re the coverage needed.&nbsp;</div><div>Great to hear from you</div><div>Elizabeth<br><br></div></body></html>

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