Preparing Adele

While much of north america is well into spring -like conditions, here in central Ontario, we are still very much in the grip of winter. I’m not complaining…I love winter, and Sunday and Monday were wonderful ,brilliant winter days, with fresh snow  and a wonderland out of every window. Perfect days to cocoon and do nothing except watch the Briar (that’s the Canadian Men’s curling championships ) and work on hooking activities.


I dyed another 1/2 yard of antique black for the hall runner, and a yard of caserole dyeing in a variety of yellow colours. While not as striking as the red  batch, I think it will be very useful. I also dyed 1/2 yard of a sort of flesh tone for my second Glimt project…Adele, but the jury is still out on that.


I drew, and traced the pattern for Adele on linen. I settled on 24″ x 36″. I originally was going to have it 30″ x 36″ but I found the shape looked ‘clunky’,  Ray said it was because it was way off the ‘golden mean’ ….which is the perfect ratio, ….so now it’s closer…and a more pleasing shape to my eye. When I removed the red dot, I went over the whole thing again to make it crisp and clear, and bound the edges with my trusty green painters tape. Yahoo! Its ready.


Emma Sue

I’ve only ever once attempted to do a face when I knew what I was doing. So I studied Emma Sue and got out the notes from Anne Boisinot’s Creative Expressive Faces workshop and went over all the details for hooking one. It’s because of that workshop, and the wonderful notes she gave us that I have the nerve to try hooking these two faces (Adele and Hygieia). Anne broke down all the aspects of the face, and gave marvelous details on how to approach each part. Before I begin, I will find bits and pieces for the eyes and lips.

I pondered where to start, but I think it will be the face…starting with the eyes. (by the way…I’ve set myself a sort of 10 minute challenge….I must hook some background on the hall runner every day!)

5 thoughts on “Preparing Adele

  1. Oh do send a pic or 2, a comment or 2 to Gene Shepherd’s Internet Rug Camp Blog…so many would benefit from your delirious undertaking. I can’t wait to see your first loops of the face. Exciting work you do for sure!!!!!

  2. Thanks Jo for your enthusiasm…I’m having a problem getting my photos to my emails at the moment….have to wait for my "computer savy" son to come home for a weekend! lol

  3. Elizabeth, I just love what you are doing with your Klimt women. I especially love the last one you have drawn of the portraiture from the waist up. Would you consider selling one of these patterns? If so, I would be VERY interested in the one you have just drawn. I am a fan of Gustav Klimt. Thank you, Dee

  4. OOPS! Computers can be tricky. If I can help, feel free to write me: the way: perhaps you might consider at some point sharing some of the notes from Anne Boisinot’s Creative Expressive Faces workshop. It could be a great topic to teach online and I am guessing this would be legitimate. Like myself, I’m thinking that there may be others who are miles from any workshop and/or unable to bear the expenses. Just my personal thoughts. If you look on the map, I live in Port Royal, Beaufort, SC – – not a wool store or hooking group in sight! Alas.

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