Using Mahogany

The Hygieia piece will need a lot of outlining, and this is the result of a quest for something appropriate.


I dyed 1/2 yard oatmeal with 3/4 tsp mahogany. I’m not sure if I’ll use it for outlining, but it is a beautiful colour nonetheless.

A very short post this morning. My sister’s husband passed away last night.  They live just a few blocks away, and we were best friends as couples as well as relatives. It is a sad day.

4 thoughts on “Using Mahogany

  1. Elizabeth please accept my condolonces at this very sad time in your life.My prayers and thoughts go to you and your familyJennifer

  2. Thank you Jane. Although I am hooking late at night to relax…I don’t expect to be able to post again until perhaps Sunday…the funeral is Saturday.Elizabeth

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