Tweaking Adele’s Face

My morning smile….my spell check doesn’t think ‘tweaking’  is a word! Not too many rughooking lexicographers about I guess!

My process for tweeking Adele’s face goes something like this….After I’m done hooking a portion or want a break…..I clamp the piece up in the room so I can easily see it while reading or watching TV. Then I periodically stare at it…what do I like…what disturbs me? …and if something disturbs me,,,why…and how can I change it?

Adele’s nose has gone through several adjustments in this process.


First I changed the order of shading to have the highlight in the centre. The wool I thought would be the lightest…didn’t turn out that way. (still not too sure I have this right).

Then the flare of the left nostril was too small so I extended that a bit.


Then the left side of the nose didn’t show up well enough against the face…so I outlined it with black embroidery floss.



The left side of the nostril now seemed a little larger than the right side… I flared the right side out a bit more.



Another area that concerned me was the jaw line. As I filled in the chin and cheek areas, it seemed too broad. I pulled out the outline row, and the shadow row, and moved each back one row, and I think the profile now more closely resembles the Glimt painting, I outlined the hair so that I would have a better perspective on how the head would look as a whole.



I then decided that the black embroidery floss was too stark, and I didn’t like the line running all the way up to her eyebrow. I placed grey floss over top to see what it looked like….liked it….ripped out the black and redid it with the grey.



original lips


left side tweeked

The left side of the upper lip was too pointed, so I took out two loops at the top and reworked the skin area immediately around it


All of this may sound like a lot of work….but actually. I just pull out a few loops  replacing what is necessary, and it only takes a couple of minutes. The time consuming part is the looking/analyzing time. This process happened step by step over several days as I worked on the rest of the face. The whole face pleases me much more now….and when all is said and done…..that’s all that really matters!

4 thoughts on “Tweaking Adele’s Face

  1. I haven’t "blog checked" in a few days, so have enjoyed going back and watching this rug progress. Thanks for showing us your "tweaking" process!

  2. May I offer a comment without getting on the wrong side of you?!! :0)Her left eye…on the top, left side….seems to have just a "touch" of thelazy eye. Maybe not….just my view/mouth. Watching everything you are doing….wonderful instructions in a non-formal way.

  3. Of course you aren’t on the wrong side of me Jo…lol…..I’ll take all the help I can get. Not quite sure just what you mean though by ‘lazy eye’ …..could you be more specific?Elizabeth

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