Even rows or a curly chest?

I have never hooked a human chest before, so this is truly trial and error. In studying the photo of the painting, the only visible highlights I could find were the collar bones, which were slightly grey.


My shadow colour was too dark, so I found enough pieces of the paler blotchy grey left from before I overdyed the piece. The face is done in a 6 cut, but I saw no reason not to switch to an 8 for the chest area. I did 4 or 5 rows working my way down from the choker, when it suddenly occurred to me, that unlike the face, where lines and contours are important, the chest area is essentially flat….so…..perhaps it would be more effective to do it in a curly pattern…like the hair.  I decided that the only way to choose the best style of hooking, was to compare the two….. so… I did a small section in a wavy/curly pattern, under the straight rows.



 I definitely prefer the curly effect….so


out with all the rows except the first…and forward with a different approach.


This will definitely make it easier if I have to dye more flesh coloured wool…since the new wool can be added higgeldy-piggledy and any difference won’t be noticed! Whew ! Solved two problems at  once. 

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