A Close Call

 I did it!


I always knew I was tight for wool for the chest and I thought I’d likely have to dye more. But as I got closer and closer to the end, it started to bug me that I would have to dye such a small amount. Then it became a game to see if I could possibly finish just using the wool I had. I fished out worms left over from the face to fill in the crevices between the wiggles, I used all the left over small strips…..and I did it……just!


This is what I have left. 

A few days ago I started to dabble with the background circles and ovals, using the painting to try to replicate each one. 


I began by getting out all the various yellows in my stash…and even went so far as to go through all my bags of worms….removing all the yellows. Yellow isn’t a colour that I am normally drawn to….probably because I can’t wear it very well…but I was surprised at the variety I was able to come up with. I hooked three different ovals…beginning with a cat’s paw in the centre of each. The painting appears to have all sorts of secondary colours around the ovals, but when I used the same sort of contrast…the whole thing was UGLY!! I ripped them out and tried again making everything more muted and blended and while each is quite different than the original, the overall impression is much closer.


What did I learn today?…..replicating the details doesn’t necessarily work….while capturing the mood does.

10 thoughts on “A Close Call

  1. Elizabeth I think what you are doing is fantastic and I’m really pleased how you are interpreting Klimt, not trying to reproduce his painting exactly. I really like your blog, I learn lots from it and just wanted to tell you how interesting it is to read.

  2. Thanks so much Susan. It is very rewarding to learn that someone else enjoys hearing about my hooking journey.Elizabeth

  3. Hi Elizabeth,I am fascinated watching Adele come to life! Thank-you so much for sharing all your processes! I have done that more than once too…. digging through my worm stash to make a color stretch! A good lesson to always have a good variety of odds and ends on hand! I am loving watching your progress and you have me on the edge of my seat now!!Blessings!Cathy G

  4. Cathy…I have so many…."how on earth will I do that?" questions in my mind just now….but I’ll just try to find one area to deal with at a time, and keep my eyes open, and my fingers crossed.Elizabeth

  5. Thanks Jennifer…I hadn’t intended to use the ‘cheek blush’ wool in the chest….there is no pink in the chest of the painting….. but I needed it to have enough wool to finish, and it turned out to be my favourite part…. I really like the bit of pink shading just around the edges of the arms.

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