Moving on

Now that all the skin areas are completed, time to put my attention elsewhere. I thought I would dye up some suitable background colour….boy…did I goof. For some reason I had in my mind that the background was a yellowy brown..

Dscf2723 I dyed over 1/4 yard natural and 1/4 yard oatmeal, using mostly ‘maple sugar’ with a touch of ‘mustard’ .  I liked the colours, but when I looked more closely at the photo of the painting….that isn’t the background colour at all….only in the small section at the top left. 

I decided then to hook the top line of the dress. I didn’t have a pale colour needed for the checks,


so I dyed 1/4 yard natural with 1/128 tsp yellow. I think this will be very useful in a variety of places. (I have a hard time dyeing such pale colours….they look so blah!…I have to fight the urge to add more dye!)


I didn’t like the effect at first, thinking it was too stark, and standing out too much,


but the concensus at my Sunshine meeting this Tuesday morning, was that it was fine….so I’ll leave it…at least for now.

I’m using the same pale yellow in a 4 cut for the swirls in this motiif.


This seems to be a slow process, matching and blending the yellows. I worked on it all last evening, and only got this far.


I’m still mulling around a variety of ideas about how I’m going to treat the background. 

Just an aside….I was browsing through an old “Rughooker News and Views”  (1985)  magazine this morning and noticed an add for Bliss and Frazer 500 strippers….$63.00….and cutter heads….$9.00 each….wow!

2 thoughts on “Moving on

  1. Oh Elizabeth,I just love how Adele is coming along, she is just gorgeous. Her hair is outstanding and just gave me an idea I had in my head for a bit and now I know it will work. Your work is just stunning in every way and love the way you use different cuts of wool, you make it seem OK for me too!I love your blog so much, what a talent you have and thanks for sharing.Lesley

  2. Leslie…I don’t even know how to respond to such a generous comment…I am absolutely mind boggled that people are enjoying my hooking blog…I’m not a rug hooking teacher, or an expert in any way…I just love hooking and I’m finding that the more I hook (now that i’m retired) the more I’m finding my own style. I think the one learning most through this process is me…because I’m now much more aware of the steps I’m taking along the way.Elizabeth

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