A red dilemma

I have (at least) two areas in the “colour” world that cause me problems…value…and my love of monochromatic colour schemes.

I am enjoying the overall predominance of the yellow in Adele’s piece….but on close scrutiny a number of other colours are there. 

The first I added was the blue. I got out all my bits and pieces of dark blue and one by one laid them on the area…stood back…and pondered. (unfortunately my camera brightens up both the dark and dull blues….so the differences aren’t so apparent in the photos)


 Some were too dark. Some were too dull. I finally settled this one…



 a bit of blue left over from my hall rugs which seemed dark…but not too dark. Alive…but not so bright as to jump out. 

I’m pleased with the overall effect.

Then I tried to choose a red. It appears in the choker, and in the section of squares at the top left hand corner. I went through the same process…


….but didn’t like anything!

I’m sure someone with greater colour knowledge…could say in a flash…which one, if any to choose…but until I can figure it out…


I’m just going to leave the red sections and carry on elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “A red dilemma

  1. You just wouldn’t believe HOW MANY lessons you are teaching with this lovely lady and your excellent writing. THANK YOU. Jo

  2. I am saving EVERY ONE of your posts and would you believe…I can’t wait to see what your next project will be. I’ll have to set up a binder just for YOU. :0) Jo

  3. Glad you’re learning along with me Jo…a binder just for me?? It will be a hefty one! Just like me!

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