More Tweaking

Adele has been getting a bit of tweaking………again. 

Two areas of the face still bothered me…and I’d been staring at them for a number of days. Wednesday, I got down to business and changed them. 


The first was her ear. I started by adding a line of the shadow colour between the edge of the ear, and the striped yellow ball. Before it looked like she had a growth attached to it! I was also disturbed by the ear itself. The straight lines didn’t follow the normal ear contour.

I pulled some strips right out, and some back a loop or two, and reworked the top edges, following what I thought was a more lifelike shape. 


There….better!…although now that I think about it…I think I’ve got it backwards…perhaps the outside should be light, and the inside dark….ummmm…I’ll look at it awhile.


Then, there was a line of slightly darker wool along the side of her chin, that also seemed to ‘stick out’ .


Because I have essentially used up all the flesh colour, I was trying to figure out a place where I could ‘switch strips’ i.e. where the slightly darker strip would blend in and release a lighter one for use.


Then I remembered that I had a wee bit left over from the chest area. I dug it out, and used it to fill in the space. It is actually a little too light….but I’ll look at it for awhile and see how it sits with me. 


If you’ve been following Adele’s progress, you’ll recall…I’ve had a dilemma about the ‘red’. i finally decided on a rich, dark wine red…not unlike the darkest lip colour.  It appears in the choker and in the section at the top left. I decided to make the larger rectangles a yellow gold, and just introduce very small bits of red in the top part,with the maple sugar colour from the top of her dress as a background there, and then use the odd small amount of red within a few circles.

I’m still doing mental gymnastics about the basic background colour. 

4 thoughts on “More Tweaking

  1. I can’t believe how fast you hook. I realize how slowly I handle rug hooking.I’m glad to have you as a visual teacher.

  2. I don’t think I’m particularly a ‘fast hooker’ Jo….just spend quite a bit of time at it….as I’ve said…one of the few benefits of having spinal stenosis….I can hook, but can’t do housework.

  3. Thanks for sharing your progress on the Klimt rug; it is so interesting to watch the design come to life, and see how the decisions you make affect the end result. I agree with Jo-you can pull up those loops pretty quickly!

  4. Kelley I never realized there were so many problems to solve, and decisions to be made in the making of a rug…until I started writing about them in the blog, and trying to remember to stop mid-stream and take a picture! I’m also enjoying seeing Adele come to life. I think I’ll be sorry when she’s finished. Elizabeth

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