My backing of choice is primitive linen. I love how soft it is against my hands when I work with it, how easily the loops pull through, and how far I can spread it to facilitate wide doing proddy flowers, leaves et. It is recommended for 6 cuts and up (I think)….and therein lies the first problem it has ever presented me.

While Adele is being done primarily in #6 and #8, I’ve also used a certain amount of #4 for details, and scrolling. I had no problems while doing the lips and eyes (where I even used some #3), but because of the loose weave, it is difficult to keep the #4 loops even when they are alone in a single line.


With lots of wiggling and adjustments by hand, they look OK from a distance, but up close, the lines are somewhat wobbly.


I discovered, when doing the straps of her dress, that if I used another strip of #4 on either side, I would keep the centre line much more even. My little bit of learning for the day 🙂


Over the past couple of weeks, I have also found that hooking has a therapeutic effect for me . My sister (whose husband died less than a month ago), is very ill in hospital, after a  surgery ‘gone wrong’. I find that hooking for awhile each day soothes my soul, and dries my tears.

6 thoughts on “Backing

  1. I hope you know that the "beauty" you are spreading around soothes others as well. From a distance, all your loops look perfect…like a prayer chain.

  2. Wow! You are moving along so quickly on this, definitely inspiring! I agree, hooking soothes the soul and quiets the mind….I totally get that!

  3. Elizabeth you are so right; hooking does soothe the soul. I consider it my emotional yoga. I hooked a big rug in six weeks when my late husband went through 8 weeks of radiation and chemo. Thank goodness for the hooking to keep my mind off all that was happening to him. Adele is looking fabulous by the way and I enjoy your analyses of how you are hooking her.

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