Beginning the Choker

 The choker has a number of colours in it, which appear in tiny specks and are random throughout. The overall effect is ‘squiggly’.After staring intently at it for some time, and discarding a variety of ideas on how I would interpret it….I finally decided to try salt shaker dyeing. 

I’ve never done it before…so I went to Gene’s archives, and read up on it. I bought 2 sets of salt/pepper shakers at the dollar store, and checked to make sure I had kosher salt.


I added a heaping 1/16th tsp of dye to each shaker which was partially filled with salt. I used black, grey, bronze (cushing) and sun yellow.

I had wool already soaked, but Gene said it needed to be soaked in vinegar and hot water..


.so I dumped my wool and water into a pan, added a good glug of vinegar, and let it simmer a few minutes.


I spread it out on tin foil, and shook each salt/dye around the piece.


I covered it with another piece of tinfoil , rolled it up, and put it in the oven at 300 degrees F. for an hour. 


That has got to be the ugliest piece of wool!. The cushing bronze and the grey don’t really show up at all …and the black certainly predominates, but in spite of that..


I think it is going to work!

Yesterday, my sister had her third major surgery in two weeks. When I went in to see her this afternoon…the first thing she said to me was….Elizabeth…I think I’m going to make it!

5 thoughts on “Beginning the Choker

  1. Hello Elizabeth,Glad to hear that your sister came through surgrey, and she is in goos spirits, your state of mind goes a long way in helping towards a sucessfu recovery. am sending good healing thoughst for her and you.Your choker looks greatjennifer

  2. How true Jennifer….I feel so much more hopeful, now that she is thinking positively.Thanks for positive thoughts, I appreciate it.Elizabeth

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