Hooking the Choker and future decisions

Hooking the choker has been an interesting experience. I began by hooking random squiggly lines with the salt shaker wool, in an attempt to create a likeness of the painting. That worked well as a base, but as I went along starting to fill in…I realized The coloured ‘splotches’ needed to be evenly balanced throughout. Very little of the bronze showed up on the wool…but it adds an important highlight and I wanted it speckled throughout.


That required searching for the bits I wanted, and cutting them out, then working with little pieces 3 or 4 inches long to get one or two loops, and adjusting the strip so that the tiny flecks of bronze would show at the top of the loop. This has been a slow process…I’ve worked on it for two evenings, and it’s still not finished.

There are two other areas which I still haven’t made a decision about. The first is the background around all the cat’s eyes. (sorry for the flash glare in the next two pictures…it’s glossy paper and I can’t seem to get rid of it)


The actual painting has myriad small circles outlined in black, and the background…what there is of it …is a dull ivory/taupe colour. At this moment, the plan is to keep adding cat’s eyes…and delay a decision….but my urge to dye something to try there…  is getting stronger!

The second is the triangle section of the dress at the bottom right.


There is a peachy/pink triangle in the pattern,


but in my cropped version….only one triangle would be this colour. One spot of an entirely new colour would likely not be wise…so I’m still debating….


I think Adele looks pretty smug about all the decisions to be made….doesn’t seem to bother her at all!

4 thoughts on “Hooking the Choker and future decisions

  1. Jo I have no expectation of exactly ‘entering ‘ her in any show or competition, however the reason I decided to hook her in the first place, was to fulfill a sort of obligation for Sunshine Rug Hookers. We are responsible for the program at our twice yearly R.U.G. (it stands for something….but I can’t remember what) get together. It is a gathering of the regional rug hooking groups. We ended up with a group that wanted to explore ‘ still life’ in rug hooking, and another group that wanted to explore Gustav Glimt’s influence. We’re all hooking a rug based on one or both of these concepts, for discussion and perusal as a part of the program. Mine is very literal, because I had decided before that, that I wanted to try interpreting a pre-existing photo as my next project. Convoluted isn’t it!!Elizabeth

  2. Elizabeth, regardless of what you decide to do with Adele…she is one smart beauty. I am proud for you….. Prayers for your sister.

  3. Thanks for the prayers Jo…we are 2/3 of the way through the 72 hour critical period after her 3rd surgery….so far …so good.

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