Taking a break

I actually didn’t hook at all yesterday! I was so intensely involved with Adele, I feel I’ve come up for a bit of air!  ….(and I got up at 4am and watched the royal wedding)


I now have 9 of my projected 12 brooches made. I went back to the originals and added a bit of glitz to them so they now have a bit of sparkle.

Next weekend I’m off to the Matrix workshop with Jennifer Manuell, so my main chore this week is to do three more brooches, and sort wool in preparation for that. …we’re to take as many colours in each colour family as possible. (my stash is still relatively small)


my purple bin


my blue bin


my green bin

I store my wool in basic colour families, but it is mostly just dropped in the appropriate bin.

And….I want to pull some loops on my hall runner background. I promised myself I would work on it 10 minutes a day while I was working on Adele….but I didn’t!


It’s getting so heavy that just rolling it out and back up again is a chore….so it has been rolled up and idle for a couple of months….


this larger section still to be done


and this smaller one

…..so near to completion!…and yet so far!

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