A red dilemma

I have (at least) two areas in the “colour” world that cause me problems…value…and my love of monochromatic colour schemes.

I am enjoying the overall predominance of the yellow in Adele’s piece….but on close scrutiny a number of other colours are there. 

The first I added was the blue. I got out all my bits and pieces of dark blue and one by one laid them on the area…stood back…and pondered. (unfortunately my camera brightens up both the dark and dull blues….so the differences aren’t so apparent in the photos)


 Some were too dark. Some were too dull. I finally settled this one…



 a bit of blue left over from my hall rugs which seemed dark…but not too dark. Alive…but not so bright as to jump out. 

I’m pleased with the overall effect.

Then I tried to choose a red. It appears in the choker, and in the section of squares at the top left hand corner. I went through the same process…


….but didn’t like anything!

I’m sure someone with greater colour knowledge…could say in a flash…which one, if any to choose…but until I can figure it out…


I’m just going to leave the red sections and carry on elsewhere.

Fixing an eye and carrying on

I’m glad Ray isn’t one to take afternoon naps! My ‘hooking clutter’ on the bed is growing as I work on the ovals and circles in the background.


Ever since I began hooking Adele, I’ve debated about what to do about the left eye (her right eye). Would I leave it? Would I change it? If so…how?

The final decision was made at my Sunshine rughooking meeting last Tuesday, when Cathy Smith pointed out that a human eye doesn’t show any white under the iris (unless looking way up). I decided to change it…I didn’t want her looking up with only one eye.


Here’s the original eye


What both first looked like


This picture shows what the eyes looked like after I added the eyelids.

I took out the iris, the pupil, the white of the eye, and the black top line. I moved the black top line down and added another row of the lid colour, then re-hooked the eye. 


New ‘left eye’


Both eyes now…

I’m still in my ‘I’m not sure I like it’ phase….but I’m hoping that will pass!

Meanwhile I’m continuing with the ovals and circles.


Boy! It takes a lot longer to hook circles than any other shape!