A Tribute to Doris Graham

The first Tuesday of the month is our tribute day, and it’s becoming my favourite meeting of the month. How wonderful to get to see and hear about the amazing background of the women in our group. DorisGraham  recently celebrated her 90th birthday, is now wheel chair bound, but still comes out to most meetings.  Through the course of her hooking career, she worked in  a wide variety of styles.


This Elizabethan style vase is delicately shaded. There were also examples of fine Wadoboro sculptured mushrooms from the 1970’s (sorry…I didn’t get a picture) Doris eventually settled on a preference for hooking with t-shirts,and all of the following rugs are done that way. She is well known for her wonderful crocheted edges and fringes.


This primitive pictorial  has a lovely crocheted  scalloped edging.


This paisley style rug is fringed all the way round.


The shading in the centre of this rug is so effective, that I thought it was sculptured.


A very effective hall runner done with hit and miss.


This is a friendship rug. Each section done by a different Sunshine Rug Hooker


This is my favourite of the samples of her work brought to the meeting by her daughter Diane. It makes me smile just to look at it.

Like so many talented women, Doris didn’t work exclusively with rug hooking but also did quilting, tatting crocheting, knitting, and painting. She is very busy now knitting scarves which she donates to the Salvation Army at Christmas. (She is also adept at saying the alphabet backwards.) Thanks Doris for sharing with us a small sample of your wonderful work.

2 thoughts on “A Tribute to Doris Graham

  1. Thanks soo much for sharing these photos of Doris’s rugs, they are wonderful and so neatEnjoyed looking at themJennifer

  2. Jennifer…I think the younger (newer) hookers at Sunshine are gaining a new appreciation of the skills of the more senior members….I know I am! (although I can’t qualify as younger….sadly) Glad you enjoyed Doris’ hooking.ELizabeth

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