I’m Matrixing

What a great time I had on Friday and Saturday at the Matrix workshop with Jennifer Manuell. It was held at a converted old one room school house, in a beautiful country setting….. a wonderful place for a workshop, with the exception that the furnace wasn’t working, and it was very cool. (that was our president’s warning word)….actually….it was FREEZING!!!  I didn’t check my email before I left friday morning, so I missed the warning …and naively arrived in sandals and bare feet, while others had heavy jackets or sweaters, and multi layers. Many people brought heaters, so by afternoon, (when I took these pictures) we were quite comfortable.


This is what I’ve accomplished so far. (today was such a beautiful day, I took my hooking out to the patio and hooked there for several hours)

Friday was spent working with colours,and choosing our wools, patterns and colour placement. Everyone brought wool from her own stash, and added as necessary from the yummy wool brought by Jennifer.


Pat is working on her design and colour arrangement


Jean chose the Aztec design, and is using fall colours 


Diane had a huge pile of wools selected from Jennifer’s, but said they were so beautiful, she couldn’t make up her mind which ones to keep. 


Karen has her colours chosen and is working on her pattern


So is Linda. The rug in front of her (done by Jennifer’s mom) is the pattern she’s chosen. It’s called ‘simple’, but requires the largest number of colour families, and is the trickiest for colour placement.


Cheri is well known for her love of acid green and turquoises…and sure enough…look at her colours!


Isabel is working on her pattern, while Darlene reads Jennifer’s Matrix booklet….which is crammed full of information on all aspects of hooking her matrix rugs.


Jennifer (on the left) constantly helped everyone with colour choices. Here she is with Margaret…who wanted a red colour group in her rug so it would go with her kettle!  

I chose a pattern called zippers, and decided on using 5 colour families.


The name becomes obvious when you see the pattern laid out.


This is my purple/plum group. I felt I didn’t have enough variety, so I chose Jennifer’s “purple rain” collection (top left) to add to my wool.


This family of greens consists of a bundle of 10 different wools purchased from Jennifer, plus just one of my own.


This is my dark group…although with the flash they aren’t nearly as dark looking as they actually are…they hook up looking quite black.


This is my “light” group…of pale blues, mauves, and mints


This is my blue family. I didn’t like how many different blues they had originally, so on Friday night, I overdyed them all with a turquoise blue to create a more related group.

My other major faux pas (besides wearing sandals),  was that I left my camera sitting at home on Saturday, so have no pictures of the actual rugs as they got going (other than my own) ! I’m sure most of them will be at our hooking meeting on Tuesday, so I’ll take photos of them then.  

6 thoughts on “I’m Matrixing

  1. I think I’m having a little wool envy right now! What fabulous colors you’re going to be working with! I love the zipper pattern….can’t wait to watch your progress ont his one as well!

  2. I suffered from wool envy too Tami…especially on Saturday when I saw everyone’s final choices….All thanks to Jenn’s wonderful skill with colour.

  3. Everyone looks so serious in the pictures….people should know that we had a lot of laughs, too :-DIt was so great to meet you….and I can’t wait to see more of your mat!jen

  4. Hi Elizabeth – what great pictures you did take. Jen is always so busy that she doesn’t get a chance to take many. I love your colourways that you are using on your zipper. I had so much fun doing my pillows and think that I am ready to do more – my daughter salivates as the thought.BTW, Jen directed me to your site and your Klimt woman is incredible! I spent a lot of time back tracking to the beginning. Congratulations.

  5. Jen.. We certainly did have lots of laughs!…..I didn’t notice the serious expressions until you mentioned it!….I think that was the only sober few minutes of the day…when everyone was contemplating their pattern. Thanks so much for a wonderful experience….you’ll be pleased to know I have no double tails….well maybe 1 or 2 🙂

  6. Hi Wendie…Glad you enjoyed seeing Adele’s development. Trying to back track on this site can be a pain in the neck…there doesn’t seem to be an archive portion other than by year 😦 Also glad you like the colours I’ve chosen for the Zipper …so many of us ended up with colours we consider our favourites! I think this won’t be my only matrix project either!Elizabeth

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