Revisiting Hygieia

I don’t plan on starting Hygieia until I’m at Trent….which is still 6 weeks away, but she is 3 feet by 6 feet….so I’ll need lots of wool.


… with my new thoughts on colour after the workshop with Jennifer Manuell, and a new dyeing technique at my finger tips, I’ve decided to revisit my wool for that project, and think about additional variety and texture.

When I was at R.U.G. on Saturday, I went on a wonderful shopping spree….with Hygieia in mind. 


I got 2 red pendleton skirts…


A red plaid I couldn’t resist,


And a number of plaids and checks, that I thought were suitable for overdyeing.

I knew I needed more yellow, so I dyed some oatmeal, and small snippets of the glengary plaid, and the brown and black houndstooth…


I was in a rush to use the stove for making dinner…and didn’t let the water clear completely….(I DO know better) and so the oatmeal is a bit greenish…..and will hit the dye pot again.  I think the glengarry and black houndstooth are too stark….but the brown houndstooth I think may be useful in the snake. 


These are the reds I have ready  for her so far…


…and these are the yellows.


Actually….forget about hooking it!! I just like the look of them on the shelf.  🙂

My next job will be to try and dye some wool for the flesh….which goes from very light to very dark and has a sort of terra cotta tone to it….I”m thinking of ‘pink sand’ and ‘mustard’ as a base for it……or???   Some experimenting is on the agenda.

2 thoughts on “Revisiting Hygieia

  1. Elizabeth, I will be looking for you at Trent so I can see Hygieia in person–and meet you, of course!jill in Ontario

  2. It will be great to meet you too Jill…I’m so looking forward to the whole experience….fun, hooking, learning, meeting people….and whatever else.Elizabeth

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