Dyeing Flesh

 I’ve spent some time just staring at the picture of Hygieia, and trying to analize the colours in her skin….


Oh how I wish I was an artist….sigh…my son Mathieu is so good at this….he can immediately see the variety of tones and shades…(but alas he isn’t home)….so it’s up to me.

I made up four colour baths…1/16th dye to 1 CBW in mustard, pink sand, maple sugar, and mahogany.


Using paper towels, I spooned on the dye baths in various combinations to see if it came anywhere near what I was looking for. I discarded the idea of the mahogany right away as it was much too purple-ee. The maple sugar seemed a good base, and the pink sand gave it a bit of pink and the mustard some yellow highlights.

I finally settled on 1/2 cup maple sugar, plus 1/2 cup pink sand, and 1/4 cup mustard in my pot of water.


I dip dyed 1/4 yd piece of natural Door wool. That was not too bad….but still a bit too yellow. 


I ended up making a bath of 1/16 tsp. paprika in 1 CBW, added 4 tbsp.of this  to the pot and dip dyed again. That piece is a bit too pink (although it can certainly be used) so the other pieces, I did the second dip dyeing with only 2 tbsps of the  Paprika.


I returned all the pieces to the pot, added more vinegar and simmered for 1 hour. In all I did 5…1/4 yd pieces.


It was so nice to get them outside to dry.


My standard schnauzer Baxter thought I was taking his picture…and posed so expectantly that I had to include him too.


I have quite a bit of variety to work with (they’re folded here so the gradations aren’t visible)


….and until I go to Trent….they look pretty on the shelf.

2 thoughts on “Dyeing Flesh

  1. I think you got some wonderful shades for your skin…..skin is always so tricky, but good for you for experimenting and playing around with it….I think you’re off to a great start.

  2. Thanks Tammy, I’ve really evolved a long way from my early dyeing….with 6 or 8 jars and pre-existing formula…..this is sure more fun!

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