dealing with ends

                 “Zippers” is progressing quite quickly….it is very easy, straight line hooking ….fun to do while watching TV.


I’m very pleased with how the colours have turned out, (these are sure my colours)., and I’m learning lots about combining colours and the effect of using lots of textures. 

With the whole thing being done on a 1″ grid…there are lots of changes of colour, and lots of ends to deal with.



While I was at the matrix workshop with Jennifer Manuel a couple of weeks ago, she admitted that one of her personal ‘bugs’ is having 2 ends together. (I must admit it’s never really bothered me…I always thought it was just a part of hooking)…..But dealing with them has certainly caused me some problems along the way. Jenn explained the three methods she uses to deal with ends.


1.      Perhaps the simplest way to end a row without the tail , is just to pull the end up sideways in the ditch between the rows.


2.     I learned how to start a row without an exposed tail by watching Jean Chabot while she was hooking. (Amazing what you learn just watching over someone’s shoulder!) Start by pulling up the end in the second hole, rather than where you want to row to begin.


Then go back and pull the loop for the beginning of the row,


Then go under the tail and pull the next loop to proceed with the row.


It’s a little more involved to end a row without the tail 


Stop hooking with room left for 2 loops.


Pull up a small tail in the space closest to your hooking


Pull up this tail…BUT…


underneath…put your finger in the wool , and keep a loop below


Use your hook to pull up that loop in the last hole for the row


I like to use my fingers to make sure I’ve pulled it up all the way, and it’s flat underneath


Then pull the tail again gently to even the loop size with the other loops of your hooking, and snip the tail.


I was familiar  with, and use the first 2 techniques, but the third, although I’d seen it demonstrated…I’d never mastered it, and had promptly forgotten how to do it. Jenn went over it again, and changing colours so frequently in this rug, has given me lots of practice. I’ve finally got that third method down pat…(and hopefully won’t forget it again)

One of the best things about hooking with a group….whether it’s at a course, a meeting or a camp…is all the little tips which we pick up from other hookers, that make our hooking easier/better/lovelier. 

8 thoughts on “dealing with ends

  1. Wow! I can’t believe how quickly you’re zooming right along — and it’s looking great! :-). You will be done in no time….or maybe I should say ‘just in time’ (for Trent)…LOL!

  2. Your Zippers rug is looking great, Elizabeth! The colour choices are lovely together and ones I would never have thought of putting together. Beautiful! By the way, which class are you in at Trent? I’m taking the Kilim class.jill in Ontario

  3. Tammy I can’t believe how quickly it’s going either….maybe I have "shoe makers elves" who come in in the night 🙂

  4. "Just in time for Trent" is exactly right Jenn. I’m hoping to have it finished and bound before I go. "Bound" is the key word…..I’m notorious for leaving the finishing….got a drawer full of un-bound rugs….the next project is always more alluring!

  5. Hi Jill…I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person at Trent. I’m in the Art Nouveau class. Yippee… just 3 weeks!

  6. Elizabeth, I think someone else in my Campbellford group is taking that Art Nouveau class, as well–I’ll check to see who it is. I think I may be bring my two Amazing Matrix rugs to display in the show at Trent–are you bringing yours, too?jill in Ontario

  7. If I can get it finished I will Jill….that’s the plan. I’d like to get Adele bound as well so I can bring her too. (actually I’m not whipping an edge on that…I don’t think it would look right….it will hang on the wall, so I think I’ll just turn it backwards)

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