Starting the Finishing…Matrix and Adele

Anyone who has been reading my blog for awhile, knows that I have a very poor relationship with my sewing machine. The last time it needed attention, the problem seemed unsurmountable to me, but my sister came over and fixed it in no time. This time my friend Cecelia came over and wound the bobbin thread full and so I had no excuses for not getting on with the finishing of both Adele and my Matrix Scissors. 


The Matrix mat is steamed and drying. I plan to use Gene Shepherd’s finishing technique and whip the edge with a dark navy blue.

I’ve been debating for quite awhile on the best way to finish Adele. I didn’t want whipping around the edge, or a show binding. In fact I didn’t want any edging at all to show…so I decided to just fold it under and sew it. On the other hand, I wanted it to look nicely finished. I didn’t want to be embarrassed any time someone flipped it over to look at the underside…( hookers always spend almost as much time looking at the back as at the front) 

It’s just a simple fold under, but I hope by being careful about straight lines, it will still have a nicely finished appearance.


I experimented with how much to fold under and then added half that much again for the “hiding under” fold.


The fold would be at 18 ditches out from the hooking. ( I count ditches rather than measure to keep the linen straight)


I settled on 30 ditches out from the hooking for the outside edge to be folded under, and drew a pencil line in that ditch all the way around. (the darker lines you can see don’t count) I used an elastic zig zag stitch, and sewed around just inside the pencil line…twice.


I got rid of the excess linen by cutting on the pencil line all around.


 My actual fold is in the 18th ditch out, so I carefully pinned the outside edge back….finger ironing in that ditch at the edge all the way around to begin the crease.


I steam pressed this fold on both sides, then removed the pins and pressed it again so it would have a sharp, straight edge (with no pin bumps).


Adele is now spread out on the living room floor to dry overnight, ….then I’ll fold that edge under and stitch it……which means I have no hooking work to do this evening while I watch the hockey game. I may suffer withdrawal!

PS…after 68 days in the hospital….my sister was finally discharged today….Yippee! Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers….they were successful!

4 thoughts on “Starting the Finishing…Matrix and Adele

  1. Times two indeed Jenn. I thoroughly enjoyed hooking the Matrix, went so quickly…and I always feel as if I improve my technique with straight line hooking. I think the biggest thing I took away from doing it…is the importance of counting the threads (in my case ditches)…so I always know exactly where I am, and end up with clear, crisp lines. Your input for sure! With my sister safely ensconced with my niece (who is a nurse) for recuperation time…I have a huge weight off my shoulders, and joy in my heart.

  2. Elizabeth, both rugs look wonderful and your attention to the finishing will be well worth it, I know. I can understand your great relief and joy at your sister’s release from hospital and that she is on her way to recovery. May she get stronger every day.jill in Ontario

  3. Thanks so much Jill…I hope to have them both finished to take with me to Trent. My sister is indeed getting stronger…she was actually on line for a bit today, and we’ve resumed our daily games of Word Scraper….life is good!

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